We offer a wide range of training courses in payments, tailored to the specific needs of the clients. Some of the training courses we offer are as follows:


How to setup a successful money transfer business

  • What is Money Transfer Business
  • Key Participants and Players of the Business
  • Different Business Models : Pros & Cons
  • Regulations governing the Business
  • Going Digital : Best Practices and Approach

Understanding AML and Compliance in Payments

  • Introduction to basic terminologies in AML & Compliance
  • Understanding common regulations across all jurisdictions
  • The importance of Compliance Function in the Business
  • The key components needed to remain compliant
  • Guidance to useful links of regulatory bodies in various jurisdictions

The basics of digital finance and digital transformation

  • What Digital Transformation is all about in the context of Payments Business
  • Understanding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance and tools available
  • Understanding the emerging technologies such as Blockchain in Finance and developing strategy
  • Use cases of emerging technologies in use globally.
  • How to build customer centric business with the right technologies and tools available

Prepaid Business Models

  • Understanding basic terminologies of Prepaid Business
  • The key stakeholders in a Prepaid Program
  • How to develop a successful Prepaid Program
  • Understanding of regulations governing Prepaid Programs

Tailored workshops and training packages can be conducted remotely or onsite at client premises.